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Our services are meant for professionals, organizations and companies of all sizes from the field of biomedical research, medical and scientific communication, and development and distribution of medical devices. We work with a high level of involvement and the mission to add value to our clients’ projects.

Microscopio. Investigadores independientes.

i2e3 offers a service of both quality and scientific rigor to independent projects, using the available resources. We are flexible when providing support to researchers in each phase of the project, from its design to the publication of results.

Hospital. Grupos de investigación y servicios hospitalarios.
Research groups and hospital services

The modular nature of our services allows us to choose the right actions for each project. i2e3 ensures a great ability to respond and an offer of services to research groups and hospital services fit to their timing and budget requirements.

Formulario. Investigación clínica.
Organizations related to clinical research

The flexibility of our services and our team leads us to collaborate regularly with organizations in the field of clinical research. Our professionals add a high degree of specialization to the academic and scientific processes of research and medical writing.

Símbolo Farmacia. Industria farmacéutica.
Pharmaceutical laboratories

We offer a team of professionals that can provide expert advice and academic and scientific services for clinical research to companies in the pharmaceutical sector. Plus, we provide a specialized medical communication service, including the production and translation of texts and materials related to the communication of medical information.

Fonendo. Productos sanitarios.
Manufacturers and distributors of medical devices

i2e3 offers a wide array of services to companies that manufacture and distribute products in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Through our advice on Market Access, we accompany our clients during the introduction of medical devices in the European market. Furthermore, we offer them support with processes related to research projects and with the production and translation of medical and scientific communication materials.

Comunicación. Agencias.
Communication agencies

Companies in the Communication sector have a team of specialists in i2e3 with wide experience in scientific-medical communication, who can help them create campaigns and actions for their clients in the Healthcare sector. We respond to each project’s specific requirements with services such as advice on the design of communication software, reviewing of materials or writing and translating specialized texts.

Inquire About Your Project

For i2e3, there are no standard projects. The services we offer are modular and flexible, which allows us to choose the perfect set of actions for each case, optimizing time and available resources.

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